Project Afrodite- Part Three "The End"

Making Of / 14 April 2023

Well here we are! I know I kinda didn't update for a bit! And I gotta say it was a wild ride! Lots of ups and downs and alot of trial and error as well! But here is the end! Learning Ornatrix was a huge hurdle and I am super happy and proud of the outcome! 

The first part as exporting the MetaHuman head to Maya and creating the scalp from the head which really tried my patience as it was really detailed. Next, it was firing up Ornatrix and creating a stack. 

There isn't many but it there are three major operators that were used; curl, clump, and frizz. 

The bar to the right are the parameters for the curls. The yellow square is for a Helix curl, and yes there is a difference! Helix curls around the curves where the other is more of a zig zag, the phase and the magnitude were fun to play around with and create a thicker curl, that is more wavy.  

The really major piece to this and making it realistic is the Clump operator, all hair clumps up and makes it realistic. The graph on the right really helped me customize the clumps for example with my hair it doesn't clump until about halfway and goes to the tip.  

When everything was done and was to my satisfaction I exported it which was super convenient! The export was an Ornatrix Alembic file or .abc, and the best part? There is a Unreal Exporter! Which means I don't have to do -1.0 on the z axis! 

This is what it looked like coming into the engine, it defaults to blonde which can be changed! There is also a Alembic exporter plugin that you have to install to the engine to make the .abc file valid but it was the easiest process of this whole saga!

This is the end product of Aphrodite! I think she looks great and I'm excited that she works well!

This project has evolved and changed in many ways, and is definitely different since the first blog post! So the other MetaHuman is gone and the colour pallet is different but I like this more and I could focus more on the one hair and put more time and care into it.

Here is the physics in motion, I've been playing with the stiffness of the strands and making them more lifelike. I have a bit to go but for my first time I think it was pretty good!

So what's next for the hair? Well, I'm going to create hair in Houdini and learn to create more hair, fur and feathers.