Project Afrodite - Part Two "The Start"

Work In Progress / 30 January 2023

Hello again!

It's been so long I forgot to write! However, I'm back and let me tell you it's been wild! 

This post is about the last two weeks, since both would be a short update I thought I would combine the two!

To start off, I have created both of my MetaHumans as well as the stage for them to make their grand entrance.

I figured I would start off with my stage, I wanted to make something moody and not to have anything to detract from the MetaHumans. Now usually I would create a box and put lights in it and done! But, with Unreal Engine 5 that wasn't really the case. So I decided to take a new approach and make a completely blank level, put a platform on it then put the spotlights in, and I can honestly say I loved it more and it looked really clean!

I decided to go a little more 'artsy' and use some pinky purple lighting and a light blue instead of plain white light, and so far I really like the outcome, it may change you never know though! 

The next thing on the agenda (or in this case gantt chart) was to get the Metahumans done! This was a really fun part of the past couple of weeks and that was designing them! I already had one done who I've named Afrodite and it was fun using the blend to use different features of the Metahumans to create her look as a whole.

And with Afrodite done the clothes were to my liking and the face, head shape, makeup, and everything else I could think of was done she was ready for hair! 

Before I would start the hair (which will be coming up in the next update!) I wanted to push myself more and create more hair styles! Since hair isn't just for one person or cultures and really anything in between I decided that I would do a hairstyle that would be with more complex braids. I wanted to make this project less about just me and make it more inclusive and push my limits as an artist and hair groomer, so I made another Metahuman whom I have named Athena.

Here's Athena in all her glory ready to receive the best hairdo I can probably do! 

And the rest of the week as been looking at how to use Ornatrix, how to make a scalp, and putting the Metahumans in UE5 which has been posing a problem! But more to that later! I shall tell you in my next update I can't wait to show you what I've been doing!

All the best!

-Nicole (Yeoman)